At Mixed Palette, we believe every business deserves the opportunity for greatness. We’re passionate about it! Why? Because we love what we do and take pride in providing our clients with the tools they need to succeed.


We understand that great branding will get you noticed. And creating a strong visual brand that your clients can believe in is one of your most powerful marketing tools. We give each new project the attention it deserves, enabling it to stand out from the competition.


We openly share our experience, talent and enthusiasm–collaborating with clients to help catapult their businesses to the next level. Whether working on a single design or an entire campaign, we look forward to being part of your company’s success and growth.

Your Team

At Mixed Palette, we are a collaboration of many talents, bringing knowledge and creativity to each of our projects. As a boutique agency, our team is able to provide our busy clients with added value and personalized care. We can facilitate the entire design process for you–from strategic planning all the way to final production.


Anna (founding partner)

Anna handles much of the project management responsibilities at Mixed Palette, ensuring each client’s vision and goals are met—on time and on budget. She is a published illustrator with a solid background in fine arts. Anna has a passion for discovering innovative ways to use typography and places high value on quality work and customer satisfaction.


Erin (founding partner)

With over 13 years experience in the graphic design field, Erin shares Anna’s background in fine arts and a passion for researching the latest design and color trends. Erin is Mixed Palette’s packaging expert and has significant experience in branding and private labeling. Erin’s commitment to excellence and passion for unique design keep her constantly striving to raise the bar.


Rachel (senior designer)

Rachel is a real design rock star with oodles of raw talent. Her attention to detail, creative mind, and design program knowledge make her a real triple-threat.

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