We provide a variety of graphic design services from small postcards to giant trade show displays. Our specialties include the following.

Great branding gets you noticed! It’s your visual identity, that unique look and feel that consistently distinguishes you from any other company.


At Mixed Palette, we are branding specialists! After creating a distinctive logo and selecting the right color palette, we help ensure your brand’s success by maintaining a consistent look throughout all your company’s collateral—including logos, business cards, advertising and marketing materials.


Good package design makes you money! It’s that simple, and that vital. Products can live or die based on package design alone. By creating distinctive designs that communicate high perceived value, we enable you to charge premium prices for your products.


With our extensive experience and close vendor relationships, we can facilitate the entire process for you. From picking containers to creating barcodes, we make the process easy.

Web Design

A well-designed website reflects your brand identity and instills confidence in customers that you are committed to your business.


At Mixed Palette, our goal is to consistently impress your customers with smart, dynamic designs that help to increase loyalty, credibility and bottom-line sales. We also employ the latest search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to ensure customers find you!

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